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Direct Link Further Information
Acronym Buster (NHS Confederation)  
Agency Control Request Form*  
Arden and GEM IT support centre and self-service portal*  
Asset management/logging - all colleagues* See 8 September 2020 message
Asset management/logging - managers*  
Assurance Audit Dashboard  
Bleepholder incident reporting*  
British National Formulary  
Casenotes Tracking System (CTS)​* Records Management
Capita Translation and Interpreting Portal Translating and Interpreter Service
Choice and Medication System  
Choose and Book*  
ConnectIntelligence* - Trust reporting site
ConnectConfidential* - Confidential reporting site
COVID-19 absence form - for managers*  
COVID-19 BME colleague risk assessment form*  
COVID-19 health risk assessment form* Managers' guide to the health risk assessment process
COVID-19 lateral flow testing - report a result website
COVID-19 lateral flow testing - order tests website
COVID-19 staff information pages  
COVID-19 vaccination hub booking system - Kingsway Hospital hub* For other opportunities to get vaccinated, visit the webpage COVID-19 vaccination clinics 
COVID-19 vaccination reporting system* COVID-19 vaccination - information for staff
Datix: Compliment Form* Risk Management
Datix: Concern Form* Risk Management
Datix: Incident/Accident Form* Risk Management
Datix: Restraint Incident Form* Risk Management
Datix: Risk Assessment Form* Risk Management
EASY Travel Expenses People Services - Expenses  
E-rostering - Employee On-Line​  
E-rostering - HealthRoster V11 Launched 16 November 2020
E-rostering - HealthRoster V11 - Air Launched 16 November 2020
E-rostering - Bankstaff HealthRoster Bank and Agency
E-rostering - HealthRoster - for approvers and creators  
ESR - Electronic Staff Record / E-learning Your development 
ESR Manager Self Service​  
E-OAR Pebblepad University of Nottingham
Estates and Facilities Management (ERM) helpdesk* Estates and Facilities
Flu vaccine - book an appointment*  
Flu vaccine - I've had the vaccine elsewhere*  
Freedom to Speak Up / raise a concern form* Freedom to speak up
Home working risk assessment* See 8 September 2020 message
ICE results system  
IT equipment and software requests* Includes docking stations, headsets and new or replacement smartcards
IT support centre and self-service portal* (Arden and GEM)  
Log a supervision* Logging a Supervision 
Lorenzo - please use the icon on your desktop to connect to Lorenzo  
My ESR - Electronic Staff Record / E-learning Your development
My First Care - for managers
Report an absence - First Care
Mobile Phone Application Form*  
New starter forms  
NHS Spine Portal​*  
Occupational Health referrals - Cohort system Your physical health
On-call log/rota  
Online Information Systems (OIS)*  
Oracle finance system* ORACLE iProcurment
Paris - please use the icon on your desktop to connect to Paris
PARIS User Guides
Paris DR* For use when Paris is unavailable
Records retention schedule* Records retention page
Smartcard request  
Supervision recording*  
SystmOne - please use the icon on your desktop to connect to SystmOne  
Triangle of Care Audit Tool (TOC)*  
Trac Jobs  


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