What is it?

E-Rostering is the Trusts system for planning and managing staffing needs for the different clinical teams.  Not every team is currently using the E-Rostering system, but the intention is to get every team on board in the future (see E-Roster Roadmap).

Why E-Rostering?

E-Rostering helps the Trust ensure there is enough staff with the right skills available on duty to meet the Safer Staffing needs.  It also reduces the chance of errors when using paper-based systems which can mean there are not enough staff or staff are not paid correctly.

The planned transition to E-Rostering is also a result of several national reports and drivers from NHS Improvement, and supports the NHS Long Term Plan.

Benefits of E-Rostering

E-Rostering benefits the Trust by empowering and supporting managers to manage their staffing needs and availability.

It also brings benefits to individual staff to improve your work/life balance:

  • Rosters finalised 6 weeks in advance, so you can plan your life.
  • Easy access to view and make requests for your roster.
  • Owed and TOIL hours immediately available.